Friday, May 30, 2014

Norwood Traffic Advisory: I-95 SB

MAtraffic Advisory:  Crash I-95 SB in Norwood at Exit (11A/B) Neponset St. All lanes closed.

Milford Traffic Alert: I-495 SB

MAtraffic advisory:  Crash I-495 SB in Milford near exit 19.

Attleboro Traffic Alert: I-295 SB

MAtraffic Alert: Crash on I-295 SB prior to exit 1 (Route 1) in Attleboro. Currently ALL lanes of I-295 SB are closed.  Flatbed truck on its side with injuries.

UPDATE 1:46 p.m.:  Left lane is now open

UPDATE 1:54 p.m.:  All lanes now open

Northampton Traffic Alert: Route 5

MAtraffic Advisory:  Due to construction, the on-ramp to I-91 NB from Route 5 at exit 18 in Northampton is closed.

Mansfield Traffic Alert: Route 140 NB

MAtraffic Down power lines:  Ramp from Route 140 NB to Route 106 EB in Mansfield. The ramp is closed.  Detours are in place.

Wrentham Traffic Advisory: I-495 SB

MAtraffic Advisory:  Rollover crash I-495 SB at exit 14 in Wrentham. Non-life threatening injuries. Only left lane open.

UPDATE:  8:57 a.m.  The backup is now greater than 1 mile.

UPDATE:  9:10 a.m.  Scene is clear.  Traffic resuming normal.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Barnstable Traffic Alert: Rt 6 WB

MAtraffic Alert:  Crash Rt 6 WB in Barnstable. Left lane, 1/2 Mile West of Exit 5 will be closed.

North Andover Traffic Advisory: I-495 SB

MAtraffic: Minor Crash, I-495 SB at Rt 114 in North Andover, Left & Right lanes closed. Middle lane open. Minor injuries. Expect delays.

Worcester Traffic Alert: I-290 EB

MAtraffic Disabled TT-unit, I-290 EB prior to exit 11 in Worcester, in MIDDLE travel lane. Use caution approaching that area.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Newton Traffic Alert: I-90 WB

MAtraffic Alert:  I-90 (Mass Pike) WB prior to Exit 17, Newton (128 mm). Rollover crash with injuries, I-90 WB, Newton.  Left and center travel lanes closed at this time.

Monday, May 26, 2014

I-93 NB Traffic Alert

MAtraffic Alert:  Crash on I-93 NB before the I-95/Rte. 128 interchange. Two left travel lanes will be temporarily closed. 

Cape Cod Traffic Alert: Sagamore Bridge

The Bourne Barracks is reporting a three mile back-up westbound leading to the Sagamore Bridge. Traffic is moving along at approximately 20 mph westbound. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Burlington Traffic Alert: Rt 128 SB

MAtraffic Alert: Crash Route 128 SB, north of exit 32 in #Burlington. Expect delays.

Cape Cod Bridges Traffic Alert

MAtraffic Alert: Delays at both bridges to Cape.  Rt 25 approaching Bourne Bridge, 3mile back up.  Rt 3 approaching Sagamore Bridge 1 mile back up.

Northampton Traffic Alert: I-91 NB

MAtraffic: The lane restriction on Rt 91 NB @ Rt 5 in Northampton expected to cause delays throughout Holiday weekend. Please plan accordingly.

Boston Traffic Alert: Leverett Connector SB

MAtraffic Alert:  Boston: 2-car crash, Leverett Connector SB Ramp (93S Exit 26). One lane open.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Holyoke Traffic Alert: I-91 NB

MAtraffic Alert: Crash involving multiple vehicles on I-91 Northbound at Exit 17 in Holyoke. Currently I-91 Northbound is CLOSED. All traffic is being diverted off at Exit 17.

Right lane and breakdown lane are now open.  Traffic backup is significant.

Final Update 6:57 PM:
Crash scene is clear. All lanes open

Boston Traffic Alert: I-90 EB

MAtraffic Alert:  Crash in Boston, I-90 (Mass Pike) Eastbound before exit 24.  Left lane is closed.

I-95/128 SB Traffic Alert: Burlington thru Waltham

MAtraffic Alert:  There was a crash on I-95 Southbound in Waltham, that the left lane was closed.  That closure caused significant backup on I-95/Rt 128 Southbound.  The backup was last reported to be from Waltham up into Woburn.  The crash has cleared, but residual traffic backup continues.  Plan accordingly until the backup clears out.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Worcester Traffic Alert: I-290 EB

MAtraffic Alert:  Crash on I-290 Eastbound in Worcester at exit 14, Rt 122.  No injuries. Expect delays. 

Northampton Traffic Alert Update: I-91 SB

MAtraffic update:  I-91 Southbound in Northampton still closed.  All traffic being diverted off at exit 21, while truck fire cleanup underway.

At 12:30 p.m., the left lane of Rte 91 S/B at mile marker 24.4 has now been opened to traffic.  The right lane remains closed.

At 2:10 p.m., both lanes of Rte 91 S/B at the 24.4 mile marker in Northampton have been reopened.

Wrentham Traffic Alert: I-495 SB

MAtraffic Road debris, I-495 SB at exit 15 in Wrentham. Right lane & BDL closed. Awaiting sweeper.

Northampton Traffic Alert: I-91 SB

MAtraffic Alert:  I-91 Southbound in Northampton at the 24.4 mile marker, just South of exit 19, is currently closed due to a trash truck on fire.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sturbridge Traffic Alert: I-90 WB

MATraffic Alert: I-90 WB in Sturbridge, 4 car crash, no injuries. Two right lanes closed. 2 mile backup.
Update:  12:20 PM;  Scene is clear, but residual backup continues.  12+ miles of traffic backup.

Newton Traffic Alert: I-90, Mass Pike

MAtraffic Alert:  A bus has crashed on Washington Street in Newton (Newton Corner). The bus crashed through the guardrail and fencing over the Mass Pike Westbound. The right lane and on-ramp from interchange 17 to westbound are closed.

There is NO threat of bus falling down onto the Mass Pike as it has been secured by Newton Fire Department.

The right lane has been closed below the crash due to debris that has fallen and potential of debris falling as cleanup is done.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Revere Traffic Alert: Rt 1 SB

MAtraffic Alert:  For the next several hours, the high speed lane will be closed due to construction on Route 1 SB (RTE 99) To Route 60 in Revere

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Woburn Traffic Alert: I-95/Rt 128 SB

MAtraffic Alert:  The left lane is closed in the area of I-95/Rt 128 Southbound at I-93 in Woburn. There is a traffic back up of approximately 6 miles.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


CT State Police have issued an AMBER Alert
Vernon, CT Police Department have issued an AMBER Alert for Dylan, Ryan, and Brandon Lewis.  The three children were last seen in a red 2004 Volkswagen Jetta with Connecticut registration 876YGJ.


CT REG.  876YGJ  2004 VW JETTA RED   


Jackie Morris

Jackie Morris (32 yrs old)

No physical address


2004 Volkswagen Jetta color red, CT reg. 876YGJ



Brandon Lewis (DOB: 10/21/06)

Ryan Lewis (DOB: 4/06/04)

Dylan Lewis (10/21/06)

Any information please contact Connecticut State Police, State Police Missing Person Clearinghouse at 860-685-8190.

Lakeville Traffic Alert: Rt 140 NB

MAtraffic Alert:  Route 140 Northbound in Lakeville, the right lane will be closed for several hours due to construction.

Weston Traffic Alert: I-90 WB (Mass Pike)

MAtraffic Alert:  I-90 Westbound, near the Weston tolls, a three-vehicle crash was recently cleared.  However, residual backup continues for the westbound traffic.  It should clear out shortly.

Fall River Traffic Alert: I-195 WB

MAtraffic Alert:  Interstate 195 Westbound in Fall River at exit 8, the right travel lane is closed for construction.  The lane will be closed for most of the day.

Auburn Traffic Alert: Route 20

MAtraffic Alert:  Dump truck rollover on Route 20 in Auburn.  I-395 NB at exit 6B (to Route 20 WB) is closed.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Oxford Traffic Alert: I-90 EB

MAtraffic Alert:  Rollover I-90 Eastbound, Mass Pike, in Oxford at the 87 mile marker with entrapment.  Two lanes closed.  Slight backup.  Non-life threatening injuries.

Wakefield Traffic Alert: Rt 129 WB to I-95 SB

MAtraffic Alert:  Crash with serious injuries reported;  I-95/Route 128 Southbound at on-ramp from Route 129 Westbound in Wakefield.  The ramp to I-95 Southbound from Route 129 is closed.  The right travel lane and breakdown lane is also closed on I-95/Rt 128 Southbound.

Braintree HOV Traffic Alert: I-93 NB

MAtraffic Alert: Braintree I-93 NB HOV Lane will be closed for the morning commute due to a mechanical issue.

Fitchburg Traffic Alert: Rt 2 EB

MAtraffic Alert: Minor crash, involving TT-unit, Route 2 Eastbound at Mount Elam Road.  Right lane closed causing backup. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Bedford Traffic Alert: Rt 140 SB

MAtraffic Alert: Crash no injuries but road debris; Rte. 140 SB north of Exit 4 Kings Hwy., New Bedford. All lanes closed. 

Westminster Traffic Alert: Rt 2 EB

MAtraffic Alert: Crash Route 2 Eastbound in Westminster. Both lanes currently open, but there is a backup.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lexington to Weston Traffic Alert: I-95/Rt 128 SB

MAtraffic Alert:  I-95/Rt 128 Southbound from Route 2A (exit 30) in Lexington down to Route 20 (exit 26) in Weston, the two left lanes will be closed for line painting.

Please stay to the right and do not enter the closed left lanes.

At 10:30 p.m. a third lane will be closed as well. 

Palmer Traffic Alert: I-90 WB

MAtraffic Alert:
I-90 WB in Palmer, rollover with injury. Expect some delay.

Bellingham Traffic Alert: I-495 SB

MAtraffic Alert:  I-495 Southbound between exits 19 and 18 at the 46.8 mile marker, there is a TT-Unit rollover.  The TT-Unit is off to the right side of the road and is not in the travel lane.

The cargo is non-hazardous.

Recovery of the TT-Unit will require closing the right travel lane and breakdown lane.  If recovery is not complete by 6:00 a.m., recovery will be paused and lane will be opened until 9:00 a.m., when recovery will resume after morning commute.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sumner Tunnel Traffic Alert

MAtraffic Alert: Crash in the Sumner Tunnel in East Boston. Right lane is closed at this time. Left lane remains open.

Palmer Traffic Alert: I-90 EB

MAtraffic Alert: I-90 Eastbound in Palmer; Tractor-trailer ruptures fuel tank after striking muffler that was in road. Right lane closed.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Storrow Dr EB Boston Traffic Alert

MAtraffic Alert: Storrow Drive East at the Longfellow Bridge in Boston for a disabled flatbed truck which lost its cargo container after striking the bridge.  Truck and container are in the middle lane with left and right lanes open.

Sterling Traffic Alert: I-190 NB

MAtraffic Alert: I-190 NB in Sterling, at exit (6) Rt 12, Left lane closed due to a large tank carrying fuel that was dropped from a TT Unit.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fitchburg Traffic Alert: Rt 2 WB

MAtraffic Alert:  Route 2 WB in Fitchburg, construction causing backup. Right lane is closed by Oak Hill Road.

Berlin Traffic Alert: I-495 SB

MAtraffic Alert: Berlin , I-495 SB  0.25 mi. before Exit 26 Rt-62/ Central St: The two right lanes are closed due to a car fire.

Friday, May 2, 2014

West Springfield Traffic Alert Update: I-91 NB

MAtraffic update:  West Springfield , I-91 Northbound  at Exit (14) I-90/ Mass Turnpike: Tree down blocking ramp: Ramp is now open. Traffic normal.

West Springfield Traffic Alert: I-91 NB

MAtraffic Alert:  I-91 NB at exit 14 (to the Mass Pike) in West Springfield, tree fell down, blocking ramp.  Traffic is backing up.  Ramp closed.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Avon Traffic Alert: Rt 24 ramp

MAtraffic Crash in Avon, ramp from Harrison Blvd. to Rt 24 NB is closed.

Lynnfield Traffic Alert Update: I-95 SB

MAtraffic update:  All lanes now open in Lynnfield, I-95 SB at Exit (44) Rt-1 Broadway.

Lynnfield Traffic Alert: I-95 SB

#MAtraffic Crash on I-95 SB in #Lynnfield at Exit (44) Rt-1 Broadway.  Left lane closed.